Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why are so many people leaving the UK?

I've searched in vain but I can't find what Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatch has to say about reports that emigration from Britain is at a record high. Which is odd, because he's normally the first to comment when reports come out of people moving to another country in record numbers, especially when many of whom have absolutely no intention of working, refuse to learn the language and have taken advantage of European Union laws on freedom of movement.

Deprived of Sir Andrew's wisdom, I turned to the Daily Telegraph's website, which has a discussion article called 'Why are so many people leaving the UK?' Excluding the openly fascist comments, it features:

*"America has been my home for forty years now, but my husband and I have always planned upon returning to England to retire. I now realise that my dream and our plans must be revised and we must look elsewhere...There are still some beautiful areas of Englnad where one can "hide" for a while, but for how long? Seven million emigrants [sic] scheduled to arrive by the year 2031! I think it will become almost impossible to find a quiet and green spot and there is nothing left to do but watch it happen." [I want to move to Britain and have somewhere nice to live, and I think it is disgusting that other people want to move to Britain and have somewhere nice to live].

*"I left the UK for a better life. Also because the political elite decided to import en mass the third world, thus you became third world. On visits I hear reasonable, fair minded people talking about very drastic action having to be taken to resolve a number of social ills including uncontrolled immigration and "refugees"." [I moved to another country for a better life. I am very angry that there are other people who have moved to another country to seek a better life].

*"We left in '81 for job reasons and have been back many times. Each visit I feel more like a foreigner...It is not being racist [(a)] to point out that Great Britain is a small island and unlimited immigration has hurt. There is simply not enough room [(b)]." [(a) Oh yes it is, (b) oh yes there is.]

*I suppose you have to look at it in the same way as Germany in the late 1930's. The people who could and saw what was coming under National Socialism, moved out and some came to the UK as a safe haven until Fascism was defeated and could move back if they so wished. [words fail me, but at least whoever wrote this doesn't have a vote here any more]

*"Having seen what the left wing politicians have done to my country over the past 15 years it makes me want to cry." [so that's Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and, erm, John Major]

*"The country is overpopulated and there is no government that has had the courage to curb the immigration laws, they have welcomed everyone with open arms and now the British people are paying the price for it! All of this and the Nanny state it has become it was a no brainer for me to immigrate 12 years ago." [But, but, I thought that in Daily Telegraph world it was the Labour government which let everyone in? We haven't been in power for 12 years?!]

*"It is unofficially Government policy to run this country's decent people into the ground - it's called punishing people for voting Conservative. Therefore, more of these horrid right-wing
fascists might leave. Clever, but a sad truth." [Damn it, our secret is out!!]

And on the other side of the debate:

*"I am sick of the ex-pats crowing how great it is in another country, this is a British paper for British peoples not the wingers [sic] who have run away."

*"England is great and you should all stay there. Posted by Craig (Aussie) - Brisbane"


At 1:20 pm , Anonymous Chris Baldwin said...

Funny how people say Great Britain is a small island, since it's actually the eighth largest in the world.


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