Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Good Old Boy #38

Rick Muir has a good article on Comment is Free defending multiculturalism and making some sensible suggestions.

The comments are hostile, and fall into two categories:

1) "I am too thick to understand the argument that Rick is making. I am angry about this, and it is the fault of the author."

2) "I have not read the article, but I believe it is about 'multiculturalism'. This has provoked me to write on the internet about how I don't like immigrants."

All of which made 'pregthwr's' comment all the funnier:

"This so-called Rick Muir is typical of the chianti-swilling, stoke-newington living chatterarti who are destroying Christmas and this country.

Mince pies? I bet they are organic mince pies made by Guatamalan immigrants not good wholesome ENGLISH mince pies.

Yes ENGLAND! Have you ever heard of that so-called Rick - I think not.

Only if the common-sense patriots who comment on 'articles' such as this are put in charge of the country rather than muesli-munching PPEists who have never done real job in their life will we have any future.

So in summation so-called Rick - BOO! CiF posters - HUZZAH



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