Friday, December 07, 2007

Good Old Boy #43

Paul Routledge (himself a bit of a G.O.B.) has a good idea for improving the governance of the Labour Party. Instead of appointing 'teenage bag carriers' [by which Routledge means 'men in their thirties who are close to the Prime Minister'] to the post of General Secretary of the Labour Party, they should bring back Lord Whitty.

I think this is an excellent idea. Apart from being highly competent, experienced and effective, he is down to earth and a genuinely nice person. He's also an ace canvasser, unlike those in the Great and the Good who think they are too important to spend time talking to voters, he seems to enjoy nothing better than calling round to chat to people, introducing himself as 'Larry from the Labour Party'.

While I'm doing recommendations for appointments to vacant jobs, I note that the Green Party will be electing a leader for the first time in its history. On the grounds that it is those who do not seek power who are best suited to wield it, may I be the first to suggest the ideal candidate - Dr Derek Wall.


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