Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good Old Boy #42

Following the unexpected run of Good Old Boys (Dr Julian Lewis, Evan Harris), here's a good article by George Monbiot about the need to build 3 million new homes. Articles along the lines of 'I used to think something stupid, but then I actually found out some more about the issue, and as a result changed my mind' are tremendously rare and deserve praise and encouragement.

The responses from the creatures in the comments (we shouldn't help people who are living in unsuitable housing, it's their own fault for having children, so they deserve to suffer) prompted an excellent idea for a piece of legislation from a fellow traditional enemy of free speech:

"A common question at hustings meetings is to ask what private member's bill someone would introduce as an MP. This article - as well as the Oxford Union issue - makes a complete ban on internet comment fora beneath articles desperately enticing. People out-smugging the smug know-it-all Monbiot are hard to find, but they are tremendously well-represented here."


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