Friday, December 14, 2007

Good Old Boy Petition

Thanks to Westmonster for finding the petition urging the government to stop wasting taxpayers' money, signed at time of writing this by 33 Good Old Boys, including the splendidly named "Neil Burrows - I won't hold my breath on this one".

Disappointingly, the petition restricts itself to only a couple of examples of taxpayers' money being wasted. It would have been better if the petition had mentioned other important issues, e.g.

when oh when will the government stop the constant attacks on the motorist and these people speeding down here I think their car must be stolen the road humps don't bother them but they ruin my suspension you see over there it's one of those houses where the hedge and the front garden are very messy the owner is a foreigner and he doesn't care who he has living there I think they are immigrants or students and they park their cars on the pavement and the rubbish will bring rats and other vermin and if you go round to have a word then they don't speak English and if you complain to the police they never turn up and say it is nothing to do with them and they say you should ring the council but that's just a waste of time and we have to pay all this poll tax but what do you get for it we don't even get our bins collected every week any more...


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