Saturday, February 09, 2008

Good Old Boy #47: Breakthrough Chingford

Iain Duncan Smith wrote a report last year which drew on the fact that he had been to Glasgow and the people there were not living according to his sense of moral values.

Now one Scottish Nationalist MSP is planning to return the favour:

Wishart says he is to commission a study into social problems and issues confronting the good people of Chingford, IDS's constituency. "Breakthrough Chingford", says Wishy-Washy, will tackle the neglect of the area.

He says: "I'm passionate about the very real problems of this part of the London commuter belt and I am not prepared to stand idly by.

"Chingford suffers from problems experienced by the London commuter belt and it is totally unacceptable life expectancy and employ-ment are only slightly better than the national average. To me, this is not good enough and complacency has to be challenged."

He also wants to examine the history of gangs and petty crime in the area. "Those who lived through the 80s will never forget the words 'Chingford Skinhead' that struck fear into the very heart of the vulnerable. There was also the issue of widescale bike theft when three million people were urged to take to their bikes on the flimsiest pretext of finding work," he says


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