Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Old Boy #49

Quick quiz. Which journalist, in which newspaper, wrote this:

"If detectives identified a pattern whereby a specific race, religion, nationality, class or age-group were overwhelmingly responsible for violent crime they would target it.

So knowing there is a specific gender responsible, why not do the same?

Opponents of a nationwide DNA database say collecting 60 million samples would be an impossible task. Well let's start by halving that figure and applying the law solely to men.

Let's have King Herod-style hitsquads taking the DNA of every newborn male on the irrefutable grounds that it is overwhelmingly this 50 per cent of the population responsible for the worst crimes.

Let's accept that every male has the capacity to destroy human life in the vilest manner, but if you are part of the 99 per cent who will never fulfil that potential you have nothing to fear.

Those who object to being labelled a possible killer should think of the added safety they are giving to their wife or daughter.

They should think of the main perpetrators of crimes going on around them and admit that, due to our genetic make-up, all men need their DNA on record.

The alternative is to be like that apology for a man, Levi Bellfield, and admit you are a deluded coward who can't face up to the truth about what you are."


I can almost hear the furious tapping of keyboards, as angry men on the internet log in to the Guardian's 'Comment is Free' to hurl abuse at the female journalist who would dare to write this kind of anti-male, don't you know it is men who are the ones who are really discriminated against these days, this is an affront to our civil liberties sort of thing. But they'd be looking in the wrong place.

It's Brian Reade, in the Daily Mirror.


At 11:59 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

If it was King Herod-style, wouldn't it be just the first-born males?

Also, I was watching part of Question Time tonight and it struck me that those opposed to the DNA database really don't understand that as soon as they use the words "civil liberties" they destroy any chance they had of getting someone who didn't already agree with them to come round to their line of thinking.

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