Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I read it so you don't have to #2

From time to time I read Tory-supporting blogs, with a kind of horrified fascination. I found one just recently called 'Centre Right', where Tory MPs and activists discuss with each other the things which really bother them. For your viewing pleasure:

1. Discover why it is a bad idea to cut taxes for the poor, because it will make it harder in the future to cut taxes for rich people, which is the important thing, 'both morally and politically'.

2. Marvel at the vile, foaming racist drivel which the word 'multiculturalism' inspires in Tories. Featuring comments such as 'The fact is immigration is a form of invasion, this has to be said, this has to be understood. The immigrants come here and take our jobs, take our houses, take our country. This is a fact...This is our land, it belongs to us, it does not belong to the usurping immigrants who are stealing our birthright. This soil is ours.'

3. Pity the Northern Rock shareholders, victims of 'legalised theft'.

4. Find out how the Green Party are just like the BNP, based on some made up research by someone who, on the available evidence, isn't actually able to read. (It starts by explaining how the Green Party want to restrict immigration, linking to an article by the Green Party about how the immigration system is racist, and goes downhill from there).

Take from the poor and give to the rich, bash the immigrants, take more from the poor and give to the hedge funds, and smear your opponents. Welcome to 'Centre Right' Conservatives, 2008.


At 4:25 am , Anonymous Lee Griffin said...

All I'll say for CentreRight is it is a great place to have a proper argument with someone. It's always healthy to be challenged, and sometimes to remind yourself some really worrying people live out there.


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