Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The mask slips

The government is currently proposing to charge wealthy foreigners who live in the UK £30,000 per year. A modest sum, you might think, given the benefits that they receive from living here. But as one correspondent to the Daily Telegraph explains, it's not about the money:

"Dear Sirs,

Being one of those people who earn rather a lot of money, invest everything in the UK and live there with my family, I am continually perplezed by the government's constant squirelling concerning other people, and in particular, those high flyers who generate a lot of money and prestige for the country. Have they not the slightest idea that far above my salary $30,000 is petty cash, but it's not about money at all? People who are at the top deserve a little respect and
if some snotty little creep think they can be pushed about, then it will be a sorry day when everyone of a certain group will simply get into a private jet and to hell with the UK. Have they considered the fall out of these proposals or does it take someone like me to be a little more obtuse and quote something from a grizzled old Texan -'money talks and bull s--t walks'? The goose and the golden egg yet again. These idiots could not run a stall in a market and this
pomposity will cost the country dear. The richest people in the land staging a brain drain does not bear consideration. As for expats, the day that threatened sickle swings will result in the loss of another huge amount of money presently being spent in Britain, because people like me will immediately sell up and move somewhere where our money and investments are welcomed, and trust me, most of us have worked and lived in such places. Britain beware, you are about to commit financial suicide if this group of lefties are not controlled, and you don't have to be Gordon Brown to work that one out.
Posted by Vivian J Phillips on February 12, 2008 3:48 AM"

No doubt overcome when writing this by a potent mix of rage and greed, Vivian Phillips' comments are very revealing (if not always fully coherent). Our taxation policy should be about respecting the 'people at the top' and if they don't feel that they are getting this respect, then 'to hell with the UK'. Asking them to contribute 'petty cash' is a grievous insult.

These people made their money thanks to the hard work of people who earn far less than them. If they want respect, then they can earn it by paying their fair share of taxes like the rest of us.


At 10:20 pm , Anonymous Tom said...

A parody, surely...

At 12:15 am , Blogger donpaskini said...

It does read like a parody, but it is in keeping with the other comments in the thread, not to mention quotes from Digby Jones et al. I guess the leader article plus entire comment thread could be a parody (which would be extremely entertaining if true).


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