Sunday, March 09, 2008

Four More Years :)

Four years ago, the Spanish turned out in record numbers and voted Jose Zapatero of the Socialist Party into power, following the terrible atrocity of the bombings in Madrid. Since coming to power, the Socialists withdrew troops from Afghanistan, and introduced reforms including a gender equality duty, granting divorces on demand and same-sex marriages.

The Conservative Popular Party had been hoping that a much lower turnout than four years ago would help them retake power. But their hopes were dashed as more than 3 out of 4 of those eligible to vote did so.

And so today, Zapatero and his comrades were re-elected, with an increased number of votes and seats in the parliament.


At 12:28 am , Anonymous Ben said...

In the nicest possible way, Dan, I'm not sure how you can include withdrawing troops from Afghanistan as an unalloyed positive amongst the other laudable things the PSOE government has done.

I have no idea what the Spanish electorate think of that, but plenty of other people, including the majority of Afghans, take a different view to that of the Spanish government.

(Also reported in the Globe and Mail and elsewhere.)

Indeed, it could fairly be suggested that Zapatero was being profoundly irresponsible. Though I'm not sure the phrase "Little Spaniard" has quite the same purchase power as the English equivalent, sadly...

At 4:22 pm , Blogger ejh said...

Nor would it have much to do with an election which Zapatero won because he opposed insularity.

Incidentally, there are Spanish troops in Afghanistan, on the same doomed mission as everybody else.


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