Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Against all odds analysis gets more stupid

Delighted to discover from reading today's Guardian that some people appear to have read 'ten terrible arguments about the Labour leadership', and thought it was a to do list, starting from the top.

But the response to David Miliband's article has been a whole new level of stupid. My favourite being 'look at the comments on the Guardian's website in response to his article, they are all negative. This means that even people who read the Guardian don't like David Miliband'.

So just for the avoidance of any doubt, there are two separate groups of people. There are Guardian readers, who buy and read the Guardian newspaper (hence the name), who mostly work in the public or voluntary sector, would like Labour to be a bit more left-wing but not too much and so on. Their favourite political columnist is Polly Toynbee.

Then there are people who leave comments on the CommentisFree section of the Guardian website. There is extremely little overlap between these people and the ones who buy the Guardian, since they haven't yet invented a permit or something to stop right-wing loons from being able to go to the Guardian's website. If David Miliband wanted to get positive comments from Comment is Free, his article should have covered the following subjects:

*The holes in the so-called 'official' account of 9/11
*The National Health Service - a socialist conspiracy
*Why all politicians are evil and corrupt
*The need to scrap ID cards, CCTV cameras and the rest of the Big Brother state
*The plot to make the English people slaves of the European super state

Or put more simply, the way to tell a Guardian reader apart from a CommentisFree poster is that no Guardian reader has ever used the phrase 'ZaNu Lie-bour'.

So what do the comments on Miliband's article tell us about his prospects of being a future Labour leader? Absolutely nothing.

Plz can we have some proper news instead of yet more of this 'sources close to the minister failed to deny blah blah blah'? Surely there is a kitten stuck up a tree which has just been rescued by Brave Fire Fighters, or something like that. Please?


At 11:59 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to admit I often laugh out loud at some of the comments in the guardian's comments section. The Guardian must be wondering what it has to do to get actual Guardian readers to comment...

At 10:56 am , Blogger Andreas Paterson said...

When I read the article the top comment was this one:

I'll be voting Labour at the next election and I'll tell you why.

I'm 85 and been in and out of hospital frequently since 1992. I can say categorically that things are infinitely better now . Back in 1992 not just a long waiting list but when you got a date you had to ring up on the morning to see if there was still a bed. 2 times out of 3 there was not. Now medical procedures have improved and speeded up. When the consultant says "we'll have another look in six months" you get an appointment in precisely six months. In the nineties a medical exam under anaesthetic meant three days in hospital now you go in at 8AM and sent home 4PM. Many internal examinations are now done by endoscopy and you only spend a couple of hours in hospital. I know because I served on a Health Service Committee that the long waiting lists were due to lack of funding.

I'm also voting Labour because I'm better off. Yes things are tighter than they were 12 months ago but I'm a damn sight better off than 12 years ago. Then my pension just about covered day to day living, now there is some over for the odd luxury.

No doubt the above will cause apoplexy among the majority who contribute to Cif. I get the impression they are nihilists or anarchists and anti-government and within six months of a change of government the bile and invective will be as OTT as it is now.

Btw will those who use the silly phrase "NuLabour" do so in the opening sentence. I can then skip to the next comment because I know their unoriginal contribution will be the same old rubbish that all users of "NuLabour" spout.

The same applies too to those who use BLiar, Broon Harperson et al. If you've got a constructive point you want to make it is not improved by unoriginal Private Eye name calling.

Rather good I thought.

At 5:48 pm , Blogger donpaskini said...

That is an excellent comment, worthy of Good Old Boy status.

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