Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NEC election results

Congratulations/commiserations to Ellie Reeves, Ann Black, Christine Shawcroft, Peter Kenyon, Peter Willsman and Peter Wheeler, elected as the constituency representatives on Labour's NEC.

An interesting reflection of the current views of Labour activists - three women topping the poll, 5 candidates from the centre-left Grassroots Alliance elected to 2 from Labour First (Ellie was endorsed by both)...

...and, most importantly, if you are a man seeking election within the Labour Party, the winning strategy is to be called 'Peter'.


At 6:30 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How disturbing it is an all white section. I.e. how disturbing the only member of the left slate who didn't get elected is Mohammed Azam.

At 10:51 am , Anonymous Andrea said...

the 3 BAME candidates got the last 3 places.
There may be that they were lesser known than the other hopefuls (personally, I knew about the existence of 2 of them and I didn't have a clue on who Gardiner was)

At 3:56 pm , Anonymous Mike said...

I don't understand why Mohammed Azam didn't get on, he's a very effective anti-fascist campaigner. Still, many people may not have known this - the other CLGA candidates have higher national profiles.

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