Saturday, April 25, 2009

Celebration, not despair

The Daily Telegraph reports that Tony Blair has 'privately expressed his despair' at the new 50% top rate of tax.

This doesn't sound remotely plausible to me. While Tony Blair was Prime Minister, two of his favourite sayings were 'more nurses, teachers and police officers' and 'supporting hard working families'.

And as a result of this budget, Mr and Mrs Blair will be able to increase the amount of support that they personally offer to hard-working families through their taxes. Apparently he earned about £12 million in the year after leaving Downing Street. Including Cherie's work as well, that means that they will be able to contribute an extra £1 million or more in taxes every year.

That's a lot of nurses, teachers and police officers, and sounds more like a cause for celebration, not despair.


At 4:35 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

To the extent that he is disappointed at all, I am sure it is only because it is £1m less that he can donate to the Labour Party.

After all, if it weren't for the substantial donations he has made largely because of his position as former Leader of the Labour Party, we would still be several millions of pounds in debt.

At 4:37 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

"for the substantial donations he has made *from cash earned* largely because of etc etc" but you get the point

At 2:42 pm , Blogger Robert said...

Has he given that much, we gave more we elected the git.

At 3:46 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

no, I was being sarcastic, (not very successfully, especially as it needed a clarification post). I will try harder next time.

At 7:08 am , Blogger Robert said...

His donation has thus far reached £7,500 it is thought he is waiting until Brown gets kicked out before putting money into a Blairite candidate of which he will then make sure his New labour legacy lives on.

History will then go down saying Blair was the architect of New Labour the party which changed the world, saved the world, saved African, sod it being silly now.


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