Monday, June 22, 2009

In Touch

I could not care less about the election of the new Speaker. Apparently, though, this was a chance for MPs to choose someone to help rebuild the reputation of Parliament after the expenses scandal, and to show that MPs are not grotesquely out of touch with the people they are meant to represent.

I was, therefore, entertained to see that the overwhelming choice of Conservative MPs was a former Housing Minister in the John Major government who described homeless people as 'the people you step over when you leave the opera'.


At 10:08 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you've a point there matey, but not just Tory MP's flirted with Young. Did you see the guardian editorial that noted;

"His background will put many off and he shared his party's opposition to freedom of information when Labour brought it in. Against that he has a dry resilience that could make him a tougher and more radical Speaker than his grandee status suggests. He should have won when he ran against Michael Martin; he may win today. Parliament will gain if he does."



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