Friday, July 03, 2009

Tories fall out over section 28

You know those people who say 'Labour and Tories, they are just the same'?

I think they should read, the voice of the conservative grassroots, more often. Here's a topical article called, "I don't apologize for Section 28":

It begins "I am entirely comfortable in the presence of homosexuals" and then goes on to explain that "alas, tedious though it is, I shall be forced to defend Section 28 as the liberal Conservative measure that it was".

"As virtually all of you will know, Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 was introduced in direct and specific response to a situation in which gay liberation activists managed to get themselves elected to local authorities and in particular to the Inner London Education Authority. These activists then used their political position to force school libraries to carry literature directed at five and six year old children teaching them that it was perfectly normal to be raised in a family with homosexual parents."

"Most people at the time thought (and indeed, I'll bet most people today still think) that they do not pay their taxes to the local authority so that it can promote alternative lifestyles or force their schools to promote alternative lifestyles."


I find this sort of 1980s revivalism ("some of my best friends are homosexuals...but Something Must Be Done about the gay activists flaunting their alternative lifestyles, stealing our taxes and corrupting our children") quite funny to read and mock. But it is only funny because these people have been defeated so are not in power and can't impose their bigoted and hate-filled extremist agenda. There are some even more revolting arguments in the comments (as well, to be fair, as some outrage and disgust at this kind of prejudice). It's worth remembering, next time you hear that all the main parties are just the same, that there is still a live debate within the Tory Party about whether section 28 was a good idea or not.


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