Monday, August 24, 2009

Sarah Wollaston

There's an interview in the Independent with the GP who was selected through an open primary as a Tory candidate in Totnes. She joined the Tories 3 years ago because she felt it really had changed under David Cameron's leadership, she's got sensible things to say about the NHS, and is against reducing the time limit for abortion.

I can't help but feel that a few years ago, someone like this would have been a Labour supporter.


At 8:33 am , Anonymous James said...

I agree, she's clearly not a partisan, and could have been anywhere from the Greens to the Liberals via Labour.

However, one bit of good news for Labour - the party's also not getting the aggravating careerists I saw flocking to them in the mid-1990s.

At 11:23 am , Anonymous tim f said...

I agree she could've been Labour in the mid-90s, in the sense she sees herself as a non-ideological, common-sense politician, she's ambitious and she's willing to parrot a line. She seems a fairly competent career politician, but she also comes across as mean-spirited, and she doesn't seem to have anything interesting to say on the NHS - just interested in defending the narrow interests of doctors.

At 4:52 pm , Anonymous Chris Baldwin said...

A Labour supporter perhaps, but I expect more actual ideology from my Labour MPs.

At 8:10 pm , Blogger Phil said...

If elected, I think she'd be a quick defector to the Lib Dems. A bit rough on the Lib Dem Totnes candidate, no doubt.

At 12:14 pm , Blogger Quietzapple said...

Not in Totnes she wouldn't, and her Euro-sceptic views suggest a pragmatic approach to the strong UKIP vote in the Totnes Constituency.

She doesn't sound quite so a-political as she appeared to those who preferred her to local Tory Council bigwigs in the "Open" Primary in what was a marginal Tory-Lib-Dem seat in 2005, and in which UKIP almost certainly beat the Tories in the Euro-elections last June.


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