Monday, February 01, 2010

Why women don't vote Tory

Speak Your BranesConservative Home reports on the latest opinion poll, which shows Conservatives leading amongst men, but Labour ahead with women voters.

Some grassroots Conservatives responded to make the excellent point that these results demonstrate that the Tories need to spend more time talking about how much they hate foreigners, e.g. the EU and immigrants.

Others urged that the Conservatives hold their nerve in these difficult times:

"well thank goodness I had a port before I read those numbers.

But I think the Conservative vote will be out there on election day and Labours will be collecting benefit or in some pub. I am not worrying, But Cameron has to seal the deal and talk about other policy areas, I think that will be a vote winner, giving power to people and being more pro-small business."

Best of all were those who chose to speculate about why it was that women were more likely to support Labour:

"It's hard not to be sexist when trying to explain that result, but whilst not saying all who belong to a specified gender act in a certain way, you can generalise from observations.

I guess it may be that women are more likely to see the best in people and so not think of the reasoning behind the labour lies and corruption (which they don't see as that either) but also are less interested in the details so don't see the smart plans from the tory benches (look what happens when too much policy detail enters a womans brain:
not that they are given much airtime as it's all cameron-centric.

I would say that it could be that it's too Cameron-centric, but then that would suggest they are chosing brown over him, and I can't see anyone doing that."

and n.b. that's him trying not to be sexist. You should heard him down the golf club after a couple of ports with his friend who thinks that all Labour voters are on benefits.


At 3:45 am , Anonymous Reuben said...

this made me rofl while editing videos at 4 in the morning. thanks.

"N.B. this is him trying not to be sexist"

At 9:25 am , Anonymous Paul said...

Marvellous. Glad you were able to stand it in there long enough to drag out these gems.

'You can generalise from observations.'

Yup, I've observed his comments now and am in a position to take a general view on Tories.


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