Wednesday, September 09, 2009

On saving election night

Conservative Home have a campaign to 'Save Election Night', rather than having voting on Thursday and waiting unti the next day to count the results.

Counting election results on a Friday, rather than Thursday night, is fine by me - they counted on Friday this year in the county council elections and it was still just as enjoyable watching Labour make gains. Election counts are great if you win and rubbish if you lose, the timing doesn't make much of a difference.

I can understand, though, why Tory activists are so keen to have the results counted as soon as possible while some Labour people are like, 'meh, no harm in waiting til the next day'. But some of the arguments deployed make no sense.

For example, some people seem to think that if the election count is delayed until Friday, then ZaNu Labour will stuff all the ballot boxes to steal the election. But why would we bother to do that, when we could just get Peter Mandelson to use his mind control rays to get the exhausted officials who are doing the counting after having been working all day to 'accidentally' count Tory votes for Labour instead?


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