Sunday, November 26, 2006

Help a London Child

I was down in London for the weekend, and saw posters for Capital Radio's Help a London Child campaign:

"This year the Appeal focused on the shocking fact that 1 in 3 children in London live below the poverty line. This means that many children living in London cannot afford a hot daily meal, clothing or haven’t even got a roof over their heads. Capital Radio’s Help a London Child (HALC) improves the lives of these vulnerable children and this year we need your help more than ever before."

Good on Capital Radio and all supporting this campaign, you can find out more (and donate) here


At 11:55 pm , Anonymous Ouch! said...

Next time you're in London give me a ring you git.

I shall send these good folks a tenner, good reminder.

Check out the following

Have a look at this......

not related to your post but bloody horrible, though interesting for discussion.

What to make of this by election, glad I don't live in this part of Scarborough.


Conservative AND

here's the Statement of Persons nominated for Thursday's by election for Hertford ward.

Conservative and BNP

that's it


11:23 PM


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