Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I read the Daily regularly, and usually find it interesting and entertaining. But as a quick tip, the way to follow up a three part analysis about why women are less likely to support Labour is not to describe a disagreement between two female politicians as 'an outbreak of handbags'.

I'd have thought this would be obvious, but anyone who doesn't understand why should read what Jo has to say.

UPDATE: It's now been changed, which is :)


At 2:17 pm , Anonymous politicalcorrespondent said...

We've already offered an apology over at Jo's - as we said there, it was a careless use of football slang (meaning a confrontation over perceived foul play) and the gender of the protaganists rather foolishly did not cross my mind when I wrote it.

Clumsy wording with hindsight and open to a sexist interpretation, but without that intent. Apologies for the offence caused and we've edited the article since.


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