Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Questions which answer themselves #1

Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price asks, “What’s the point of concentrating on one age group [by eradicating child poverty] if in subsequent years young people can’t afford to go to University; can’t buy a house and face a legacy of ill health because of Labour’s policies of school meals on the cheap, the sale of school playing fields and a crisis in NHS dentistry?"

When attacking a decision to prioritise eradicating child poverty as 'narrow', it is best not to follow up with three examples (educational attainment, housing, and health) where eradicating child poverty would make a massive difference.

But I do feel sorry for Adam and chums. To get votes they want to present themselves as being on the left of Labour. So they can't support Labour's pledge to eradicate child poverty, and they have to think of some way of criticising it without appearing to be more interested in constitutional reform than in reducing poverty and inequality. It's a dilemma which we should create for our opponents more often.


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