Thursday, November 23, 2006

my new liberal democrat friend

I've just discovered a Liberal Democrat reader who was inspired by a commenter here to write a piece called 'Why I Hate the Labour Party (Part One of Many)'. Apparently, some comrades were rude and aggressive to him when he was defeated by us in the May elections. Thankfully, he was decent enough to congratulate the successful candidate, and he is obviously not at all still bitter at losing. Other Liberal Democrats have joined in this group therapy session to explain that they also hate the Labour Party for reasons such as Jane Griffiths being de-selected. They aren't bitter either.

My new friend has written other excellent pieces such as 'I find I am in sympathy with a Tory peer' and 'I find I am in sympathy with another Tory peer!', which starts "I’ve been finding myself nodding with approval at Norman Tebbit recently. At the Conservative Party conference he made an impassioned plea for tax cuts that should have struck a cord with all liberals".

I don't know whether it was Cllr John Getgood, Cllr Peter Fookes or Cllr Karen Roberts who was rude and aggressive in defeating my friend, but well done to all three of them.


At 1:18 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason lots of us hate the Labour Party is that it, and much of the human sludge that resides within it, is fundamentally corrupt.


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