Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Lib Dems say and what they mean, part one in an occasional series

Camden Lib Dem councillor Alexis Rowell, last month:

"I believe Climate Change is by far the most important issue facing us all. However, after a detailed analysis, I concluded that that Liberal Democrats’ environmental policies were as strong as those espoused by the Greens.

Most importantly the reason I went into politics was to change the world for the better not just to shout about it. As part of the ruling Liberal Democrat group on Camden Council I have been able to set up the Camden Sustainability Task Force, a cross party body with a remit to green Camden. I hope we’ll be able to encourage Camden’s businesses, residents and organisations to move to a lower carbon lifestyle."

What he meant:

"According to a memo sent to all Camden councillors a pilot project, introduced by Labour 18 months ago and originally funded by government NRF money, to extend door to door recycling to estates in Somers Town, Kentish Town, Holborn and Covent Garden (e.g. the Bourne Estate) and King's Cross are to go.

In all this counts for 4,000 households."

Cutting recycling services to pay for a 0% rise in council tax. What better way for the Lib Dems to demonstrate that they feel that climate change is the most important issue of all, and to encourage residents to move to a lower carbon lifestyle.


At 10:22 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like this series - keep it up!


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