Monday, March 05, 2007


This I like very much:

"I am Sir Fitzgerald, 72nd in line to the throne and personal friend of the Davester - Britain's Prime Minister in-waiting, and not before time...

...But Fitzy thought, what they need, what they all need is to know the real Davester. The fun-loving, easy-going socialite I met at Eton. We got in some scrapes together, by Jove! So I've rooted out my old diaries and over the coming weeks I'll be sharing them here. Here's the first excerpt.

Oct 27th, 1980

Fun and games with the crew. Toast. Johnson lost, as usual. Takes him half an hour just to work out the buttons on his pantaloons. He's a frighful cissy too. Wouldn't play ball. Left to the Davester to mop up. Life and soul of the party. Said he could tell whose was whose from the flavour. Had us all going.

Heated discussion about when new money is new money. Oliver says living memory. Davester disagreed. If you know where it came from, it's new money. Developed into an Anglo-Saxon/Norman thing. Johnson says Anglo-Saxon descent makes you more British. Davester says the Normans were more dignified."


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