Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Margaret Hodge's nice new friends

Margaret Hodge has made some new friends after sharing her thoughts about social housing:

"I agree with all comments. And I'd go further - NO social housing for unmarried mothers who are on benefits. Extra points for families with children. When are the parents of pregnant girls going to have to take the same financial responsibility that I have to sending my sons to university? This ineffective goverment have turned the responsibilities upside down in this country".- Frank J, Carlisle

"Why the hell should it spark a "race row". What about when the White British/English are punished in favor of immigrants? That should spark a "race Row"! Too mush positive discrimination - it's still discrimination, and why should the indigenous population always come last?"- Kim, Hampshire UK

"Councils here say there are no houses available, but we see no end of them boarded up all over the place. The only time they are opened up and made habitable is if the applicant is an immigrant. If you're British forget it."- Mickey V, Manchester UK

"I do not agree with Labour on many issues, however, this is one I do. Our people should come first. The one big problem with housing is the amount of single mothers who have taken council housing in the last 10 years and people coming to this country taking priority. This is wrong, something has to be done, many families do not have a chance to buy a home and do not get council accomodation either. Young British Families, should come first."- Elizabeth Newman, United Kingdom

"The BBC swung into full denial mode this morning on the Today programme. They invited the risible Keith Vaz on. No question of bringing on anyone who could be described as a indigenous Briton, of course."- Rupert, Sidmouth


At 12:17 pm , Blogger C4' said...

It is snide little cretins such as yourself that turn even the most sincere defenders and advocates of ethnic minorities and their contribution to British society into racists. You do a better job of promoting the BNP's disgusting policies than the BNP do themselves.

At 10:28 pm , Anonymous Chris Baldwin said...

Bad grammar, c4, bad grammar.

At 8:51 pm , Anonymous Tim F said...

Did you know Margaret Hodge's husband is the person who made the rulings that coming from Zimbabwe, Somalia and even Darfur is not grounds for asylum? He's quoted proudly on the Migration Watch website.


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