Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Revolutionary tribunals

I have found a wonderful website called 'Southpawpunch'. The latest article, 'McDon't vote for him', is about why socialists should not vote for John McDonnell because his policy platform is too right wing - a state pension of only £114/week, a minimum wage of a mere £7.50/hour and no mention of renationalisation without compensation! But the best bit is where the author confesses to his own past political misdemeanors:

"I recall, on leaving the Labour Party in 1986, being painfully aware that I was doing this four years too late (after the Bishop’s Stortford agreement). I (still) fear that I will have a hard time justifying those extra four years to a future revolutionary tribunal enquiring about my political history."

Surely after the revolution the tribunals will have better things to do? No? Oh.


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