Saturday, July 21, 2007

Red Quentin's new campaign

Fellow comrade Quentin Davies has a new campaign. He is concerned about the possible proposal to put a travellers' site in Stamford. From the Rutland and Stamford Mercury's story 'Quentin tells of astonishment':

"[Stamford] is a major tourist attraction and much of the business and therefore the economy of Stamford depends on tourism. Stamford also has a major traffic problem. Jams regularly stretch half a mile north and south of the single bridge."

More cynical comrades may suggest that this sounds like a good ol' fashioned 'local MP backs the nimbys' story, missing only the reference to the effect on house prices. But remember, Red Quentin is for the many, not the few:

"Far from my concerns being selfish, I am quite convinced that Stamford is quite the wrong place for the travellers themselves. Many of them live on benefit. If they are to have any chance of getting into a job and escaping from permanent welfare dependency, they need to be near a major source of employment."


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