Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Complicated and tedious

Something surprising in the Independent today, via Freemania:

"Yet in reality there are few people – unless they have a vested interest – who give a stuff about climate change. It's complicated, tedious and it doesn't bear too much examination, or suddenly one's comfortable assumptions are overturned."


No, of course not. But substitute 'welfare reform' for 'climate change', and hey presto, instant Deborah Orr article.

So today's question - how can we make sure that welfare reform is seen by journalists as non-boring, like climate change and the environment?


At 11:35 am , Blogger Mat said...

This reminds me of that story about the adult literacy class. When the teacher came to teach the class how to fill in the (gnashingly complex) benefit forms - primarily as an exercise, you understand - she found that they were all brilliant at it because of long and bitter experience.

Accordingly, the way to make welfare reforms more appealing to journalists is to make the forms and application procedures much more like claiming for expenses.


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