Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If Adrian Mole had been a Tory...

...then the result would look something like the wonderfully entertaining 'Letters from a Tory' spoof blog.

The basic premise is that the hero is a Tory who writes letters to people who have been in the news. Here are his letters to:

Max Mosley

"Admittedly what you were found to be doing is abhorent to someone like me, but I still fail to see why it’s any of our business what you get up to."

The National Union of Teachers

"Your arrogance coupled with your failure to read a newspaper over the last few months leaves me with no sympathy for you whatsoever."

and Gordon Brown

"I nearly fell off my chair when you suggested that our “shared values” can be seen in “the popularity of our common institutions from the NHS [to] the BBC”, both of which in my opinion needs to be taken out of state control and handed over to independent providers to improve their quality and sustainability in the long term - talk about being out of touch!"


At 2:05 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's a 'spoof blog'?


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