Monday, May 19, 2008

Bigot Bingo

On the train south from Crewe, I had the pleasure of playing an extended version of the game Bigot Bingo.

Bigot Bingo is a simple yet entertaining game. You start by writing down a number of issues which bigots like to talk about. Examples might include political correctness, immigration, red tape and so on. Then you find a bigot, listen to them, and when they have covered all the subjects on your list, you can shout 'bingo' and you have won. It can be played in a variety of settings including conferences, while canvassing, watching the telly, extended family gatherings and so on.

In this particular case, the man in the seat opposite on this journey played the role of 'caller', talking loudly and with great self-assurance about a number of issues of the day to his travelling companion. He started with a lengthy critique of the notion of human rights, then moved on to his company and the malign role of trade unions. After a short break to refresh himself, he started on the subject of lone parents and people who don't work, and related this to levels of taxation, which he found burdensome. Ignoring the increasingly desperate look on his friend's face, he proceeded from there to bad manners amongst people today and a decline in general levels of civility.

I waited with a sense of increasing excitement for him to move on to the subject of immigration (the last item on my bingo card which he had not yet 'called'), when much to my frustration the train arrived in Banbury and his friend got off.


At 5:26 pm , Blogger Matt Sellwood said...

Sounds a bit like 'far left bingo', which I used to play on large demos and marches. It was never that exciting to cross off the SWP (yawn) - but if you got the Spartacist League, or the bloke from Green Anarchist with the giant beard who thinks that sarin nerve gas attacks on civilians are good, then you won the jackpot.....


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