Wednesday, May 14, 2008


26th April:

Neil Warnock, 'I'd vote Boris' [1]

13th May:

Neil Warnock's Crystal Palace lose 4-2 on aggregate to Bristol City


[1] In fairness to Neil Warnock, I don't get the sense that he actually went and voted. It's a semi-coherent Good Old Boy rant about traffic wardens and how Charlton or Milwall fans took the penalty notice off his car so he didn't know he'd got a ticket and had to pay a fine.


At 9:43 pm , Anonymous Antonia said...

OI! Not all Palace fans are Tories, and some of us were rather hoping for a better result yesterday.

At 7:38 am , Blogger donpaskini said...

Well, quite. Neil Warnock takes over, leads Palace from second from bottom to the play offs, then announces that he's a Tory supporter, and all of a sudden Palace miss a penalty, concede from 35 yards, and get knocked out by a goal from a bloke called Trundle.

Contrast with the consistent good fortune of a well known club managed by a prominent Labour supporter...


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