Monday, May 05, 2008

More reasons to vote Labour

On the day after this year's local elections, I found that a local resident had posted something through the door of the house where I was staying.

It was a copy of our Election Day leaflet, which reminded supporters to go and vote, where the polling station was, a number to call if they wanted a lift and a bit called '5 reasons to vote Labour'.

One of the recipients of this leaflet had taken exception to this, and had taken the trouble to write to explain why.

They felt that it was wrong that we had only given 5 reasons to vote Labour, and that we'd missed something important. Underneath the five reasons, they had written:


6. You live here with us, and you have always worked hard to help us and our community. You've shared our hopes and our fears, our joy and our tears.


And then they expanded on this point at greater length on the other side of the leaflet.

Funnily enough, we managed to win that ward with an increased majority.


At 12:20 pm , Anonymous Bridget said...

Nicer than one of the responses we got to our election day leaflet: 'Before I vote for you jokers again, I will slice off my own left buttock and eat minced in lasagne.' Sadly, we lost by a small margin.

At 8:43 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

talk about big headed I'm sure you will get Browns jobs.

At 9:48 am , Anonymous tim f said...

We had a letter addressed to one our our candidates addressed:

[Name of candidate]
The Taxing Party


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