Monday, May 12, 2008

Good Old Boy #53

The first time a Liberal Democrat member has got G.O.B. status, awarded for the best response ever to being telephoned by a politician:

"Hello, I'm Brian Paddick and I am standing as the Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London."

"I'm voting for Ken Livingstone."

"Sorry, this is an internal competition to select the Lib Dem candidate, there are three Lib Dems fighting to represent the party."

"Well, I'm voting for Ken Livingstone."

"I know but before we get to that stage the party has to select a candidate to stand against him so can I rely on your vote?"

"No, I'm going to vote for Ken Livingstone."

"Can I just check, you are a member of the Liberal Democrats?"

"Yes, I am."


At 5:55 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

I was surprised how bad he was on Question Time. He had no self-control. He seemed to be saying whatever came into his head first (and it obviously didn't come that quickly). It seemed a good idea to select him, but he was a terrible candidate. Probably the more media exposure he got, the more his vote went down.


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