Thursday, July 31, 2008

Clause 1 socialism

This is an excellent idea, making it an explicit part of the job of all Labour MPs to keep in touch with the people they represent, and getting rid of the ones who don't.

Resolution from Mitcham and Morden CLP:

Draft Resolution

"In light of the loss of the Glasgow East constituency at the recent bye-election, Labour needs to examine reasons for that loss.

While there will be many reasons nationally that could be identified, one factor that can be addressed by party members is the absence in a safe Labour seat of any organization worthy of the name.

It was revealed that when the bye- election was called, the records of peoples voting intentions held by the local party were non existent. This was despite the former Labour MP serving for nearly thirty years.

Making contact with electors and listening to their concerns is a fundamental duty for Labour. Only by doing this can we hope to be a successful campaigning body.

This Conference believes that it is amongst the main duties of a Member of Parliament to lead the local Party in developing extensive contact with the electorate, through regular telephone and face to face canvassing in order to determine local concerns, aspirations and preferences.

This Conference believes that a reasonable level of contact and identifications is at least 30%. Further, a failure to develop extensive contact in this way with constituents is a failure of the Member of Parliament to fulfill their responsibilities as a political representative for the constituency.

In light of this and as a matter of urgency, this Conference mandates all Regional Party Secretaries to request information of the levels of contact and voter identification in each constituency and to send validated returns to the National Executive of the Labour Party by 31 March 2009.

This Conference believes that any Member of Parliament sitting for a constituency, which is not able to demonstrate a contact rate of more than 15% by 31st March 2009 should be considered ineligible for reselection, or where already reselected, for re-nomination as a Parliamentary Candidate.

The National Executive Committee is, by this resolution, mandated to reopen all selections where the constituency and the Member of Parliament have failed to pass the 15% hurdle. Further, the National Executive is mandated to prevent sitting Members of Parliament in such constituencies from being included in the shortlist for selection by reason of inadequate contact with their constituents and poor performance of their duties as a Labour representative. Further, such Members of Parliament shall be excluded from standing again in any constituency.

The aim by the General Election after next is that this contact rate shall be in excess of 30% if the sitting member wishes to stand for re-election."


At 6:29 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

I'd vote for it.

I'd also like candidates for unwinnable seats to be asked at interview whether they thought their seat was winnable. If they answered "yes", they would be ineligible to stand.


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