Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's not April Fools day already, is it?

Shorter Denis MacShane - Labour supporters should not slag each other off. To make this point, I shall compare Derek Simpson to anti-semites:

"Derek Simpson, the Unite joint leader even tells the Observer, "We might as well elect Cameron." Did I read that right? It was in the midst of a stream of abuse against David Miliband. In Moscow, Miliband is denounced as a "Jew". For Simpson, he is "smug" and "arrogant"."

Shorter Henry Porter - The downward trend on crime under Labour is undeniable. We should get rid of all the policies which have contributed to this.

Tom Watson
asks the world's least difficult question - Is Frank Field right to team up with Nicholas Soames and Migration Watch for his new ideas about immigration? [Is there some other organisation called Migration Watch which has ever had a good idea about immigration?]

And the Department of Work and Pensions wants Jeremy Kyle to produce a show aimed at getting people into work.


At 10:37 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

The Jeremy Kyle thing does sound like a parody. Certainly it will make people think the government's policy is all stick and no carrot - not a good message for people on IB who want support to get work but are worried about the new bill.

But the argument that it is a waste of taxpayer's money needs further examination. We are talking about £400,000 - a decent-sized sum for a council thinking about employing more detatched youth workers etc, but as a percentage of a government department's advertising budget must be quite small, and pretty good value for so much air-time raising awareness of government policies?

At 6:36 pm , Blogger Chris Brooke said...

Thankyou for the Shorter Denis MacShane. (He really is an idiot.)

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