Sunday, October 05, 2008

Are you thinking what we're thinking?

New immigration minister Phil Woolas gave an interview to the Sunday Times in which he apparently vowed to toughen existing immigration legislation, saying that, “On a common sense level there has to be a limit to the population...You have to have a policy that thinks about the population implication as well as the immigration implications.” There will also apparently be new restrictions on people coming to the country to get married.

When Tory shadow ministers used to make these kind of points in interviews, it was a sign of how they were unelectable extremists, and we used to criticise them for using 'dogwhistle' racist language. It is a difficult job being a Labour immigration minister, but there is no excuse for this kind of rubbish - it seems to have slipped Mr Woolas' mind that Michael Howard actually lost the last election.


At 8:31 pm , Anonymous rayof surrey said...

Tories were rubbished by New Labour when they talked of 'Controlled Immigration'. Are New Labour the pals of Michael Howard and Tories?

Also what population number does he have in mind? 55 million, 60 million and what he proposes to do with the rest?

What he would do with aging indegenious population? Export them to Australia?

At 8:44 pm , Anonymous stephen said...

Is there any distinction between Labour and Tories, except that the Tories seem a rather more liberal on civil liberties?

At 10:48 pm , Blogger Laban said...

Be fair. Mr Woolas is looking at the demography and presumably not liking what he sees - even if all he sees is a shrinking core Labour demographic. The last 10 years of triangulation have done a pretty good job in detaching the tribal, "they're for people like us" Labour vote - witness results in places like the Valleys.

At the same time, the natives aren't having (or are aborting) kids, native emigration is at record levels, immigration likewise. The change is huge. As of now, nearly a quarter of primary school kids are non-native. I believe that children are our future.

When you import large numbers of peoples and cultures into Britain - mostly into England - while making no attempt to integrate them (indeed, no longer having a strong culture to integrate to), no matter how pleasant individual members of those cultures may be, you're asking for trouble.

In ethnically and culturally divided societies, politics tends to be ethnically and culturally divided. I see nothing special about the UK that would enable it to avoid such a fate. Maybe that thought's occurred to Mr Woolas.

At 4:51 am , Anonymous tim f said...

laban, I'm sorry, but anyone who says "I believe that children are our future" without a trace of irony cannot be taken seriously.

At 4:52 am , Anonymous tim f said...

... then I just clicked on Laban's profile, saw he's one of those people that thinks the BBC is biased towards Labour, and took him even less seriously

At 10:21 am , Blogger Robert said...

Good old Labour and the BBC, lets see Disabled are all cheats except of course the soldiers who fought so hard for this country they are OK, but everyone else is a cheating money raking rat, except those nice nurses with bad backs.

Yes the BBC.


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