Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nick Cohen fact check

Nick Cohen writes that:

"We have bureaucrats who fund support groups for the black unemployed or Hindu unemployed but never for all the unemployed."

Nick, meet the Nottinghamshire Unemployed Workers Centre:

"Nottinghamshire Unemployed Workers Centre is supported by: The Legal Services Commission. The Lottery Charities Board, The Coalfield Regeneration Trust, Nottinghamshire County Council, Mansfield District Council and the Severn Trent Trust Fund."

And here is a list of 57 other support groups which support all unemployed workers (these are only the ones which are members of the TUC, there are many others).

That took about 1 minute to find. I haven't yet found any examples of groups funded by 'bureaucrats' which only work with unemployed Hindus or unemployed black people. I know of some groups which mainly focus on supporting people from particular ethnic groups but which are open to all, as per the funding requirements of the, erm, bureaucrats.

Either Nick knows that what he wrote wasn't true, or he didn't care enough to find out. There was a time when he was one of the most eloquent opponents of the 'making up myths to demonise the weak' school of journalism, and now he is using his national newspaper to spread right-wing lies, thereby furthering the very extremism which in the same article he claims to oppose. It's all rather sad.


At 11:28 am , Anonymous Former Cohen fan said...

Nick Cohen is regressing into a proper Tory twit.


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