Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Burying good news

Old New Labour used to use teh evil spin to 'bury bad news' by announcing unpopular things like more money for councillors when the telly and the newspapers were talking about other things like terrorist attacks.

New and improved New Labour appears to have improved on this by using the economic crisis as a cover to get rid of stupid policies. Yesterday, locking up people without trial for 42 days, today SATS tests for 14 year olds. Is it too much to hope that the next step will be to pack in the plans to waste billions on identity cards?


At 4:59 am , OpenID Jo said...

I think each is linked in proportion to the severity of the crisis so for ID cards to be quietly shelved, Natwest will have to be bailed out or something...

At 12:53 pm , Blogger Andreas Paterson said...

I don't know if I'll ever convince you but, ID cards are intended to be self financing the IPS reckon that 80% of that £5.4 billion figure will have to be spent anyway incorporating biometrics into passports. A further point of note is that the quoted figure is the cost of running the scheme over 10 years, not an annual cost.

I happen to think it's a sensible scheme with a huge range of benefits across a large number of areas of government. It's just got a lot of bad press and this has led people to draw the wrong conclusions on the subject.


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