Thursday, October 16, 2008

Technical assistance

Someone who calls themselves 'Supreme Thatcherite' posted a link to a racist video in commenting on my last post.

I've deleted it, but wondered if more IT literature readers could tell me whether there are any simple and quick ways of e.g. finding their IP address or otherwise identifying them, via Google Analytics or otherwise?

Obviously, anyone who voluntarily chooses to go by the name 'Supreme Thatcherite' is already in a pretty bad way...


At 1:07 am , Anonymous Labour Matters said...

Sadly the IP address is only going to provide you with limited information, not the identity of the miscreant. It will, unless masked, provide you with their ISP however, and you could report race hatred to them and ask them to pursue it further. Good luck with that though.

If you hosted your blog on your own server you could easily ban anybody using that IP address from viewing or commenting on your blog (as you choose), but I'm not aware whether such tools are available via Blogger.


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