Monday, December 08, 2008

Good Old Boy #79

Cllr Robert Woodbridge, of Swanley Town Council, talks a lot of sense about welfare reform (and I like the sound of 'old Garry', who is quoted in the last sentence) :

"The Labour Government has got this one badly wrong as A Labour Town Councillor I have recieved lots of complaints about the so called welfare reforms, one Labour supporter asked if Gordon Brown is now the new tory Prime minister! This policy will cost Labour votes and in nearby Dartford Lab.Maj.700 could mean the labour MP will be out of work as Labour voters stay home and I predict they will do the same at the County Council elections next year! It is wrong that a labour Government should be "attacking" the most pooorest and vunerable poeple in the country, if there is fraud of benefits, which I doubt is that high then that should be looked at and dealt with, but not used as an excuse for cutting benefits for those in need, people were promised that if they paid thier NI and Tax then there would be the safety net there for them if they were sick,disabled or unemployed, My father who fought in world war two was promised by the 1945 Labour Government that there would Benefits for those who could not work whatever the reason! and ALL labour governments should defend the rights of the 1945 Labour government and defend the welfare benefits for the porest people in this land, rather than treating them as Benefit cheats and crooks as old Garry said Gordens wants to take my benefits but I bet he won't want my disability!

Councillor Robert Woodbridge (labour)"


At 5:18 pm , Blogger Robert said...

The government is New Labour and fits in just perfect with John Majors government, in fact it just carried on with the same policies, while most Labour councilors are Labour, sadly Labour as we use to know it is dead. I see no reason to vote New Labour.

At 6:26 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Cllr Robert Woodbridge Please listen:

1 The 1945 labour government is not the tax payer funding these benefit cheats.

2 Every claimant i know of working age and is not disabled is either a child minder (unregistered) or cab driver or something. Nobody but nobody chooses to live on £80.00 a week, not even the lazy class. Ask the supermarkets.

3. You are obsessed with getting the votes of people who are not interested in voting. The lowest voter attendance in the May 2007 elections in the whole of Sevenoaks were in Swanley st Marys and Swanley Whiteoaks.

see attendance figures below:
Edenbridge- N&E - 38.6%
Edenbridge s&W - 36.96%
Sevenoaks St John-44.02
Swanley - Hextable-40.15%
Swanley St Marys-25.43%
Swanley Whiteoaks-26.87%

full list at:

4. I wonder when Swanley will find it's own Karen Matthews. Trust me, there are many cadidates out there for the role.

And oh, I voted labour in the last 2 elections and because I can't vote for people who will call me an oik or Gordon Brown who is obsessed with becoming the President of Scotland, I will be destroying my ballot in the next election.

employment status: employed
ethnicity: black bitish
what I would most like to see:

A new National Workers Union to replace the existing trades unions that will represent real workers and not fund a political party that is obsessed with developing a lazy underclass to keep it in power.

At 4:57 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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