Friday, March 06, 2009

Unspeakably vile

Someone called Mark Taylor, who claims to work for Taylor Housing, wrote the following on Tom Harris' blog this evening:

"I am a major landlord to many of these people you are talking about and people who have criticised you for your comments should get out into the real world and actually look for themselves at what is going on. Having many properties in run down areas I have often heard mothers encouraging their young daughters to get pregnant so that they will be entitled to a state paid for property of their own - mainly because the mother herself is expecting another child and will need the room! The woman who states that these young mothers eventually go on to further education and jobs is nothing but a naive idiot. Sadly, a new class has emerged in society - an ‘under class’. These are unintelligent and selfish parasites living off the rest of society. Personally, I think they should all be rounded up and placed in camps, away from decent society to send out a clear message that to behave as they do is socially unnaceptable. They should also be told that any children that they have that they cannot support themselves will be taken from them for adoption. That alone would immediately cause a decline in teenage pregnancies."

There's always the chance that this is an impostor. But if this is an accurate reflection of Mr Taylor's views, it is utterly vile. People who express views like this are the scum of the earth. It makes me sick to think that any young mum should have to have someone like this as their landlord, even before you realise that he's being paid by the taxpayer to do so.



At 11:44 am , OpenID alunephraim said...

Reads like something written in about 1860 or so. Despicable.

At 2:11 pm , Blogger Jock Coats said...

They may be living off the rest of the society, but that's mostly because of parasitical scum-dog landlordism!

Tax 'em!


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