Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do unto others

Awful, just awful.

I think that Britain would be a better place, and the government more successful and popular, if over the past few years, Labour MPs had treated the poor as they've been treating themselves, and treated themselves as they've been treating the poor.

"Even before the onset of the UK's deepest recession in a generation, official figures showed that only the better-off families were spared from a squeeze on living standards that saw median income virtually unchanged and fresh cuts in real pay for those on the lowest salaries.

Since Tony Blair's third election victory, the poorest 10% of households have seen weekly incomes fall by £9 a week to £147 once inflation is accounted for, while those in the richest 10% of homes have enjoyed a £45 a week increase to £1,033.

The data shows that the second poorest 10% of households has also had to make do with less since 2005. Overall, the poorest 20% saw real income fall by 2.6% in the three years to 2007-08, while those in the top fifth of the income distribution enjoyed a rise of 3.3%. As a result, income inequality at the end of Labour's 11th year in power was higher than at any time during Margaret Thatcher's premiership."


At 6:37 am , Blogger Robert said...

We thought Thatcher was evil, we prayed for a Labour government, and now look, people are saying was it that bad under Thatcher, what a Labour record.

Little wonder why so many Labour people have walked away.

The worry is of course who will labour think will now vote for them

At 7:10 pm , Blogger Societarian said...

Great post don! can you add us to your blog role please?


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