Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Justice for Tony Blair!

Thanks to Theo for drawing my attention to the 'Justice for Tony Blair' blog, which aims to end the practice of 'Blair-bating', which sort of like bear-bating and is defined as 'attacks on our former Prime Minister by the dogs of anti-war. Less metaphorically it can be defined as the constant incitement of hatred against Tony Blair for taking us to war in Iraq.'

The petition argues that "Parts of the media, the anti-Iraq war lobby and some families of soldiers killed in the war are already calling for this to be a TRIAL of Tony Blair with a view to gathering as much evidence as possible to send him to The Hague for "war crimes"...The organisers of this petition do not belong to any one party but are united in our belief in "innocent until proved guilty" and that Mr Blair should be given a fair hearing at the inquiry. To this end we demand that if the Blair-baiters want to turn the inquiry into a trial they should follow the same rules as a trial and not be allowed to make any public comment on the proceedings until they are over."

The argument 'if you think someone has committed war crimes, you have a duty not to make any public comment to that effect' is at least a novel rationalisation for demanding that opinions that you don't like should be silenced.

I am pleased to see that influential journalists John Rentoul and Stephen Pollard as well as Tom Harris have signed the petition. But it's sad to see that Iraq war supporters and Blairites like David Aaronovitch, Nick Cohen, Paul 'the thinker' Richards, Martin Kettle, Michael Gove and Hazel Blears have yet to commit their support. I would encourage readers to contact these fair weather friends and ask them to commit publicly their support for justice for Tony Blair.


At 5:24 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing me in the direction of this petition Mr. Paskini. I have proudly signed it. Isn't it ironic the people from Afghanistan, Iraq and even Iran have signed this petition? What does that say about the lefty loonie commenters and opinion writers in Britain that claim to know more about the impact of the war on those countries than the natives do? I read about Code Pink changing its mind as pertains to pushing for a pull-out of Afghanistan. I believe it was at the Christian Science Monitor or you could google Code Pink in Afghanistan. The natives, especially the women, speak out in favor of our troops staying. It is no doubt evidence the people of Afghanistan are appreciative of our efforts there and have a high regard for Tony Blair.
Thank you,
California Girl

At 5:41 pm , Anonymous BlairSupporter said...

Nice little plug for this sensible petition. I signed it some time ago. Are you thinking of doing the same Mr Paskini?

You can always use an alias.

Btw, I've linked this comment to a post I wrote recently on the REAL clunking fist. Some of the Labour party's members MUST have known this all along.

Where WERE they when he needed them?

Perhaps they can make up for it now, and sign the petition.

Many thanks again for your post here.

At 5:48 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is this Blair-baiting going on? I seem to be missing something?


At 6:04 pm , Blogger Five Fingered Left Punch said...

California Girl, 152 people have signed this petition, the most rigorous peer reviewed study on Iraqi deaths puts the figure in excess of 600,000. You need to get out and get some air and perhaps some perspective.

Isn't this petition more about the moral bankrupcy of Labour Party members who let Blair get away with mass murder?

At 6:14 pm , Anonymous BlairSupporter said...

Really, Guano?

The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Mail, the Mirror ... to name but a few.

Anywhere in fact where there is an agenda against Blair and his powers, perceived or real.

Often it's about the Iraq war, where some people, mainly from the Left - seem to think - I mean KNOW that he was EVIL and calculating and obviously NOT making a political decision. He just wanted to kill people!!!

Other times, from the Right, it's about his "lies", although mainly because he was NOT a Tory. That irritates them, no end.

I have written some posts on this, collated here if you want to see:

In the light of all of this some of us who support Mr Blair can see the same thing happening as the Iraq Inquiry unfolds.

The headlines are not difficult to imagine. For instance "Former US spy says Blair persuaded Bush to kill Iraqis - 'no matter how long it takes'".

Or ... "Downing Street/White House insider tells of long quiet nights in the Oval Office".

I mean - I could write their headlines NOW for them, innuendo-laden as they will be.

Thus the petition is a warning to the press that this should NOT be allowed. We wouldn't be able to do it if a terrorist was on trial, would we? He'd be innocent until ...

At 6:35 pm , Anonymous Stan Rosenthal said...

150 people so far but never mind the width feel the quality.

As for those 600,000 civilian deaths (not sure you're comparing like with like here, btw), almost all were caused by the murderers Tony Blair was trying to stand up to.

And how is it that despite these deaths and hardships poll after poll in Iraq has shown that over 60% of the Iraqi population still agree that the invasion was right,those against being mainly from the Sunni minority who ruled the roost under Saddam?

Or as California Girl has said perhaps you know better than they do what is good for them.

At 9:31 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

Won't somebody please think of the children?

At 8:14 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have signed the petition forTony Blair someone I have always voted for and who has the courage of his convictions. I have always voted labour and thought Tony was the pm in my lifetime hope he does get a fair inquiry.

At 2:29 pm , Blogger Quietzapple said...

Agree wholeheartedly, Don.

I promoted this on my profile page, which is as far as most people get, sadly . . .

I hope the truth is revealed as fully as possible in the current inquiry.

BUT we know the contras will never accept anything which contradicts their imaginings se Hutton.

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