Thursday, October 05, 2006

Spring conference cancelled

The decision to cancel Labour Spring conference is, whatever the official line about encouraging more podcasting or whatever, obviously because of Labour's financial situation. Putting on a conference is expensive and we are strapped for cash.

It is, therefore, an entirely sensible decision. Spring conference is quite fun for a few Labour Party members, particularly if, like Reading Labour Group, a group of people go up together. It serves no actual useful purpose, however. This is real basic language of priorities/religion of socialism stuff. Instead of having a conference, we can spend the money on campaigning in, and therefore increasing our chances of winning, elections.

It's not really that hard a choice - a few full time organisers in key marginal seats come the next elections, or a showcase for Tony Blair to do another farewell speech.


At 11:22 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Spring is fun for everyone to hear a few speeches and get drunk together but apart from that it isn't that useful.


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