Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Election fever

Tomorrow there is a by-election in Speke-Garston in Liverpool. Going round last Saturday, this was obviously a cause of great excitement locally. Walking round Speke (only a couple of roads), I saw:

1 Labour poster
1 UKIP poster

and in Garston I saw:

5 Lib Dem posters (3 on the house of one of their councillors, 2 on the house of one of their activists)
2 'No canvassers' signs
4 'No political junk mail signs'

The 'no political junk mail signs' are actually from the Green Party, who are encouraged by the fact that people are putting up their posters. Whether the people who put those kind of posters up are the same who will be delighted to hear from Green Party campaigners on election day remains to be seen.

I even found a Tory leaflet, which had a picture of Michael Howard with their candidate, and where the top pledge was that if elected, their candidate promised that they wouldn't resign and cause a by-election. But its nice of them to make the effort.

Here's hoping for a nice day tomorrow, and the successful election of Cllr Colin Strickland.


Labour 1984
Lib Dem 1218
BNP 281
Green 68
Tory 54


At 10:15 am , Anonymous jdc said...


At 11:56 am , Anonymous Susan said...

Great result. Here's to more of it in May.


At 1:04 pm , Anonymous Tim F said...

So you'll be using the message "vote lib dem, get Tory" at the next election?

At 2:58 pm , Blogger Bloggers4Labour said...

is this the only place on the web with the result? No matter - it's a great one by the look of it.

At 3:23 pm , Blogger Mike said...

Well done comrades.


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