Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Are children born Lib Dem?

Neil Woollcott is a teacher and a Liberal Democrat. He writes:

"Over the past week I have been to a two courses about running successful schools councils. These have both been run by School Councils UK. Our school have had a school council for a number of years and to be perfectly honest it hasn't been running as successfully as it could.

Today's course was on climate change and using pupil voice through the school council to bring around change in school. The discussions led by the children the ideas they came up with and the passion they spoke with made me wonder whether children are naturally Lib Dem."

This is at once a wonderful and terrifying idea. No wonder children are bored at school with what they get taught. The national curriculum should be changed to do more to capture the interest of this generation of young Liberal Democrats:

"Today, children, we are going to learn about how to draw bar charts."

"Now, Charlie, I've told you before about saying one thing to your teacher and the opposite to your parents because you think it is what they want to hear. It's important that you learn how to do this properly or you won't be allowed to go canvassing on the school trip".

"This week's homework is to look at different written constitutions and do a presentation about your favourite one."

"Sam, your essay sets out a clear argument with a consistent set of principles backing it up. I'm afraid this simply isn't an acceptable way to carry on."

Other ideas, please, in the comments.


At 3:46 pm , Anonymous Alun said...

Bearing in mind recent events down in Cardiff... something about learning how to be dishonest, two-faced bastards interested only in being Deputy Deputy First Minister should be added methinks.

At 8:49 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

Pleased to see the resolution didn't last too long!


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