Thursday, August 23, 2007

Objective analysis

Enthused by his party's campaign on the NHS, one Tory activist decided to do a bit of research to 'prevent Labour's propaganda replacing objective analysis'.

He found the Commonwealth Fund's analysis (May 2007) and comparison of the healthcare systems in the US, UK, Canada, NZ, Germany and Australia. Here's what he discovered:

'My intention was to find a poor result for the UK to press the Tories to pledge to improve on it.

Guess which country on a whole series of measures and overall is ranked with the best healthcare system?

The report shows that in the past 3 years, UK healthcare has leapt from 3rd to 1st place on the second lowest expenditure!

I detest the statism of Labour, but based on this international report, Cameron is deliberately deceiving the UK population over the state of the NHS for political purposes.'


At 10:00 pm , Blogger Citizen Andreas said...

Thats a fantastic find Don, all the more fantastic for being found on ConservativeHome

At 5:39 pm , Blogger AxeTheTax./ WatchKeeper said...

And I wonder who put it there?
I'm sorry citizen andreas, you will just have to take more water with it. But don't worry, at the next election, Tory voters will not
waste their time voting for any of this lot.
Regards, AxeTheTax./WatchKeeper


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