Friday, January 04, 2008


Things that you need to know about Mike Huckabee, here.

His best one liner explains both why he won in Iowa and why he won't win the nomination, "I think it's important to know that a lot of people are supporting me because they feel like that I'm the kind of guy that they go to work with instead of the guy that laid them off from their job."

One of Huckabee's great skills, one which very few politicians have, is his ability to sum up in one sentence the difference between him and his opponent (former CEO Mitt Romney, whose campaign events involved PowerPoint presentations). But sadly for Huckabee, the Republican Party isn't decided by the people who go to work, but by their bosses.

As for the Democrats, Barack Obama is just amazing. Not sure whether he would make a better President than Clinton or Edwards, but as a campaigner he is in a different league. He won for all the right reasons - because he was best at raising money from thousands of small donors, because he was able to organise more people in Iowa to spend an evening taking part in political activity than ever before, and because he was able to inspire people with hope for a better future.


At 6:48 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

I agree with you about Obama, but I can't see the Democrats selecting anyone but Clinton. And I can't see the voters voting for Clinton. Ergo, I predict another 8 years of Republicans in the White House (and I'm pretty sure it will be Giuliani).


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