Saturday, October 25, 2008

Conservative Vault

I think that Conservative Vault is going to be a lot of fun. It is like a mini version of Wikipedia, limited to subjects related to the Conservative Party. Not to be confused with the Conservapedia.

Here is a page called 'Questions to Ask Your Local Council: 105 ways for Conservative councillors to waste council officers' time'. My favourites are:

16. Could we remove the dreary municipal boards at the entrances to our Council estates?

[I think the first version of this question omitted the words 'municipal boards at the entrances to our']

20. Do we operate as a "colour blind" Council to the extent that it is possible? For example do we keep ethnic monitoring to the statutory minimum?

32. Often fee paying schools operate scholarship schemes. Please could we help to ensure that low income families in our area are aware of these opportunities, for instance, by publicising them on our website?

40. How long are we going to keep black children in institutional care rather than allowing them to be adopted by white couples into loving homes, given our obligation that the needs of the child are paramount?

62. What encouragement do we give to the police to eat their lunch and fill in their paper work at cafes, so that they are visible and accessible, rather than doing this back at the Police Stations?

[Because, of course, the sight of police officers sitting around in cafes eating their lunch and filling in forms is guaranteed to make people think they are doing a good job]

75. Why don't we reduce staffing levels at the Town Hall through a recruitment freeze?

82. How many Equalities Officers do we employ?

94. How many policy officers do we employ?

[If you sack all the policy officers, who do you think is going to answer all your other 104 questions?]

102. What steps has the council taken to monitor changes by neighbourhood in the married/divorced ratio, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, abortion, single parents, children in care, truancy etc.

Other parts of the site still need a bit more work, however. For example, the Conservative Party policy on Unemployment page is currently blank, and apparently we should 'feel free and encouraged to complete this article'. The Conservatives have a proud record of supporting unemployment, and it would be a shame if this went unrecognised.


At 1:56 am , Blogger Bloggers4Labour said...

It comes across as rather creepy and cult-ish, but also rather childlike. It's as if politics, philosophy, and economics don't exist - there's no analysis, just a mish-mash of slogans, tidbits, gentle exhortations, etc. Feeble stuff for feeble minds and feeble imaginations: modern C/conservatism in a nutshell.

At 2:22 pm , Anonymous tim f said...

I also notice the page on deregulation has been completely deregulated.

At 5:46 pm , Blogger Robert said...

Does Labour do economics then.

Philosophy well yes I know they do that , No more Boom and bust except crashes.

At 9:52 am , Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

I hardly think a Labour Party supporter should be throwing stones at the unemployment greenhouse at the moment.

At 5:10 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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