Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Collective action, the libertarian way

Hellooo, libertarian readers.

I must say, although their arguments aren't much cop, I am impressed with Team Libertarian. For a bunch of so-called individualists, there does seem to be a real sense of community where they back each other up, and they have formidable message discipline and ability to stay on message in support of even the most hopeless of arguments.

If a leftie, for example, had written anything as moronic as 'the State has not only taken Nazi ownership of our children, but has also intellectually cast them adrift at the same time, and it’s all probably deliberate' then other leftie bloggers would have probably responded, 'fair enough, that was a really stupid thing to write'. In contrast, Devil's Kitchen stuck to the line admirably:

"If the state decides that children must be educated about said lifestyle [homosexuality] in defiance of their parents' wishes, then the state is effectively taking ownership of the child. The Nazis did a similar thing, so it isn't that hysterical a comparison."

As a socialist, I cannot but admire this kind of collective action and solidarity.


At 7:20 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And, yet, now crickets are chirping. How odd.


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